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Tiki sighting - The Haunted Mansion movie

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I got to see a preview of the Haunted Mansion movie this morning, and one scene took place in a tiki bar!

Eddie Murphy meets a couple whose house he just sold at a tiki bar for them to sign the paperwork (as if it works that way). Lots of decorations, and they use Munktiki tiki mugs in the scenes.

They didn't exactly play the tiki scene as being hip, but so be it.

The movie, by the way, was enjoyable but not a masterpiece.


I agree. I couldn't make out what was written on the mugs it was so fast. In the credits it was called "the tiki lounge"....

The movie started out SO SLOW.

Just saw this flick and gotta say I dig that bar. Not traditional but kinda like the tiki-esque bar in the Scooby Doo movie.


I recognized the "Unkle Shrunk" mug Eddie Murphy drank from becasue I own one. The back of the woman's mug (which is all they showed, oddly enough) said "Frankenstein" which is one of their eBay only mugs. There wasn't a clear enough shot of the man's mug to see which one it was.

Finally got to see the movie last night. I must have missed your comments on it, for when I saw the tiki bar scene I was quite pleasantly surprised! I just had a strong non-tiki bar Mai Tai at a nearby restaurant with a friend and felt in the tiki mood. Then, wham-o, here's the scene from the movie! I couldn't help but call out "Hey, it's a tiki bar!" to the embarassment of my wife. I enjoyed the rest of the movie as well, but it wasn't anything great.

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