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Pic of Bengt Danielsson, Kon Tiki Anthropologist

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Aloha Tiki peopo,
I was approached by a local artist(painter) about 3 weeks ago after he seen some of my work. He told me he interviewed Bengt Danielsson just befor he died. He also took this awesome pic of him holding the only thing he had left of the actuall Kon-Tiki raft. Keoni signed da pic because he owns da copywrite of the pic. So please try to refrain from copying it. The pic dosen't look so clear on here anyway. I new Bigbro and you peeps would appriciate something like this that's why I'm sharing.

Anyways, Bengt was also the author of this book which was featured in da BOT.

check out that shirt!

Rain posted on Sun, Nov 23, 2003 11:59 AM

very cool -
i was just watching the kon tiki dvd the other day. buncha crazy vikings. what a trip that must have been.

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