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TC Road Trip(ping)

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The photos don't do it justice.
Several times throughout the night, the exotic music and fragrant elixers drifted into my head and I thought I could open the door, walk a few steps to the water and take a swim.

No water here though, uness you like trout fishing.

I was in the mountains of eastern GA at a fantastic little place known as the Kon Tiki Paradise Room.

Basement Kahuna and his Queen have created a fantastic hideaway, filled with treasures from the past and guarded over by an imposing collection of Tikis.

I could not have imagined a better host and hostess. Each drink was served with cheer and was as delicious as it was powerful. I left late, believing that I could have stayed until sunrise. Maybe next time.

That's the press release version:
Here's the truth...

Kahuna is a fraud - he didn't use REEEEEEAL pimento liquer - he used his homemade stuff.
(I have to make some now!)

I got to sample the Hale Tiki signature drink: It was superb, spicy and will certainly please.

The garnishes were just right - the guy has everything set up just the way it should be. Great prep.

As you can see by the "warriors prepare" photo in BK's "evolution" post... we were instant kindred spirits and I look forward to reciprocating their kindness.

That other photo though - sheesh - I look like Peter Ustinov playing the "geeky fat clown" in an Elvis movie. There goes my modeling career.

Looking forward to returning and hope that the warm vibe I felt there wasn't just the Rhum St. James.

I got to check out the carving sanctum as well. I tried to pocket a giant rail post but got caught. Darn splinters.

Mahalo, Kahuna.
I owe you 'Ai'e.


I strolled into a place called Cha Cha's in the trendy, strip-mall-filled corrider of south Knoxville. Seated at the corner of the bar was a dapper young man wearing a vintage Hawaiian shirt and a pristine and glamorous looking lady cradling a smallish 60s era purse.

It's Swanky and Tiki Kiliki.

I had been traveling for a few days now and had mixed work with pleasure up to this point... but now the work was over. It was time for that other thing.

Immediately, I'm presented with some gifts from the last Hukilau and a few CDs with Hawaiiana/Exotica music on them.
Very tasty. These people are nothing but first class... as their events and website and presentations make clear.

Throughout the evening, between the tapas plates and adequate drinks, we discuss many things that revolve around the Hukilau and the Mai Kai. I'm not going to discuss any of the plans but they sound fantastic and 2004 promises to be even more of an event than 2003... which this ignorant sap missed.

Kiliki's tatoo is a wonderful piece of artwork.

Our conversation and laughter were punctuated with moments of reflecting on our being hooked up through TC and we agreed that Hanford should be immortalized in Tiki form.

All in all a great pleasure and friendships made that I hope to continue to cultivate for many years to come.

Also, Swanky turned me on to a liquor store that had some exotic rums and the difficult to obtain (in Tampa) Licor 43. I just put them on the shelf for the next Tiki-time, which will be this evening or whenever I can get home.

Mahalo, Swanky and Tiki Kiliki...
You're welcome at my hut anytime.

Well, so far I've met 3 people from TC and all were astute and sincere. Exactly as I expected. This place is a blast.

Salutations, Sir Pablus. You, sir, are an officer and a gentleman. We shall all raise our grog tankards to you this eve!

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