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Coconuts Island Grill, Dallas, TX (restaurant)

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Name:Coconuts Island Grill
Street:2100 Lowest Greenville Ave.
Phone:(972)690-SURF (7873)

Website: http://www.coconutsgrill.com
Newly opened (Fall 2003). Decor leans heavily toward surf/beach culture, with several pieces by our own Bamboo Ben inside and out. TiPSY factor is low (1 concrete tiki outside, an OA (I think) door handle, and 2 Maitikis behind the bar), but lots of thatching, plus a nice collection of pufferfish lamps suspended from the ceiling in one corner. The food is burgers and sandwiches, with the unfortunate name of the #5 being "Cheeseburger in Paradise." The only other nod to Buffet culture is a big wooden parrot hanging from the bar, so I won't quibble :wink:. Seating was mostly chrome-based barstools (not very conducive to relaxing with a cocktail or three), and only a couple of booths, although there was a climatized outdoor deck with plastic chairs, as well as a little patio.

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Trip report:
The staff was very friendly. I happened to be there for lunch on a Sunday, so the Dallas Cowboys game was on, which being Dallas and all, you have to allow for that! The manager told me that ordinarily they play a variety of music, rock and alternative being the norm. He seemed quite receptive to my suggestion to play surf music (for which it's more suited than exotica) so cross your fingers that you'll hear Dick Dale rather than Matchbox 20 next time. I cannot report on the cocktails, as was visit was only Sunday lunch, after a night of great garage music at another new Dallas spot, The Double Wide (yes, as in "trailer," complete with a tornado on the roof); the day staff was eager to please, so I'd bet that the night bartenders would be willing to try different recipes if requested. I look forward to another trip to Dallas to do more "research" on their bartenders' skills.
Here's a thread with a discussion about the spot and a tad more info:

You Dallas folks please fill in the evening info and add/correct anything you can.

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Sounds like it's better than nothing. :)

I've played at the Double Wide... wild place, reminds me of my Aunt's place.

Kenike posted on Fri, Jun 3, 2005 7:00 PM

The last time I went to Coconuts was in Jan. of 2004 when we tried unsuccessfully to get some local TCer's together. When Coconuts first opened in '03 I thought the place showed a lot of promise but was stuck in the "trying to be all things to all people" loop. Anyway, I went to their web site the other day and saw that Coconut's was "under new management" so I thought I'd give them another look. The only change I saw is that they've finally added tropical drinks to their drink menu. I ordered a mai tai which wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't come in a plastic cup with a lemon wedge. I was hungry so I had some of their lettuce wraps which were just so-so. Music was strictly 80's pop, mostly dance music...I thought I'd heard the last of the "Puttin on the Ritz" remake but leave it to Coconuts to remind me how much I hated that song. Last time I was there I think I counted 15 items resembling tiki. This time I only counted 10 and they were all crammed behind the margarita machine. If you're in Dallas and want to see a couple of well carved tiki's, stop in during happy hour. Otherwise, just go to Applebees.

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I drove by today and this place is history. It's now called "Side Bar." They were closed so I couldn't go in to see how much original decor was left.

Man that's.... well.. not surprising. Too bad you didn't get in there to snag any items that were "deamed for the dumpster".

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