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"Green Wahine"

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SHAG's latest print is a real beauty, it's "only" $125 and it's available now at Shagmart, for those like me who have been waiting to get a sweet SHAG Tiki print and coudn't make out west for the shows.


The print doesn't go on sale until later in the afternoon and we can only hope that Shagmart doesn't raise the price. They've been known to have one price for prints at show openings and a different price when Shagmart puts it on their site. I haven't received an email yet to see what their price point will be.

The price is $125 with free shipping, it's been available all morning.
"Just gotta poke around"
-Robert Hunter"

Well I've searched and searched, but I just can't find it! Any more hints? :)

Sorry, still don't see it. I only see the news page which says they go on sale at 1 and nothing listed on the prints page. It's alright though. I bought mine on Saturday.

Geez do you want me to hold it for you too? :)

haha, I found it and ordered mine, you just have to know your html.

Hey thanks! Shagmart must be updating their site right now because I can't get in to your link or to the home page for that matter. I just want to view it......curses! :wink: I print all the new prints for my own personal Shag book that I keep.

But seriously, good call on posting the link. Now the website won't be so bogged down with people searching for the elusive Green Wahine!
Oh I just love it :) :)
It's the same colour as the walls in my green room!(which is why it's called the green room in the first place)

tikichic, you can view an even larger image of the print here:

Aloha, eh?

Whew, just got mine! I've decided to pretty much sell all of my non-tiki Shag prints. Unfortunately I think Shag's tiki phase is over, so you better get this one while you can.

It took a while to load, but I just got mine. Surprisingly all the Shag prints I own are green and purple. Well, anyway, it looks awesome, and it has a cat in it. My only requirement for a great Shag print.


Wow, sold out already! You can see where the popularity lies...sexy women, cats, tikis and a nice price!


I guess I got home @ the right time. Now if only I could get the "Woman on TIki" to go with this one. Oh well. :)

Anyone get their "Green Wahine" yet. I noticed a bunch of them on Ebay, but mine isn't suppose to get to my house until Thursday.


Kono posted on Tue, Dec 2, 2003 5:45 PM

#&%^$%^!!! This is what I get for going home for Thanksgiving?!?! Damn sorry I missed it. :(

I just got mine today! Who would have thought, someone out of the country?


Mine just arrived, very sweet indeed! Of course these are all over ebay already.


Mine arrived today, also. VERY nice. The colors are very vivid. It's maybe the best done of the three Shag prints I have. I'll have to compare it to the other two when I get home.

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