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neo-tiki bar bites the dust

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Eugene, Oregon's Koko Mo's Island Grill and Bar, (page 185 Tiki Road Trip) is now Legends Sports Bar. Catering to the college crowd and trying to be all things to all people was not a winning formula. According to the new owner, Hip Hop dance contests, regularly degenerated into brawls. Tropical cocktails served for 2 or more in Scorpion Bowls or similar containers were regularly being swilled by one customer. The state regulators (OLCC) forbid this to continue so you will find no more Volcanos in Hula Girl Bowls. I ordered a Three Legged Monkey and had it served to me in an oversized beer schooner.

That sounds like Eugene for you. Sports, sports,hippie granoala college kids & sports!!

Oh well, at least the Alibi is still open in P-town!!

Hey Maori man,
And the Jasmine Tree, (despite the rumors.)
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Thank you! Thank you! Yes I forget about the Old J-Tree(love that place) My Band had our last record release there!!! I hadn't heard the rumors!! Hope it is not ture. Although,if it is,I have my crowbar at the ready!!

I am aware of the NW doings list. Tiki Maxton was the one who talked me into getting on this crazy thing (called love!). He also mentioned a crawl in the future months. Can't wait!!


Hey there Maori Man, welcome to the wierd world of TikiCentral!
I went to Kokos or whatever it was called for lunch a few months back. I wrote about my experiences in that thread about Minnesota's new Tikibar. There was a couple of good looking Tikis stuck in the corner, but the place just seemed kinda half assed, if you know what I mean. The waitress told me they were packed out at night. Yep, a college hangout. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have gone back anyways.

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