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Tiki Archeology - The Origin of Moai

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Hi folks
I have a pic that will change everything you thought you knew about Rapa-Nui.
It seems that the original people of Easter Island were actually jews from Israel. This picture proves it beyond doubt:

If you look closely at this Moai, found in Tel Aviv's Joshua Gardens park, you will recognize the familiar shape of the Star of David.
So I guess the Israelites sailed to South America and then continued on to Polynesia.

Well...maybe not :wink:
This is what Dale and I found by accident at the mini-golf in that park. I assume the people who built the place saw Moai in American mini-golfs, so they just copied that, but then they wanted to get "smart" and put that Star of David on his forhead.
This is the closest example of Poly-pop we managed to find in Israel.
There is also a statue that kinda looks like a Moai next to where we lived in Israel, so we used to greet him with a hearty "Shalom Tiki" every time we went passed him. I'll pot a pic of him when my stuff gets here.


Dude, I would be so fat if I were Jewish...I don't know how you do it, Ran. Do you just get used to the killer food having grown up with it?

as a non-jewish visitor to israel, in retrospect many of the beaches would have been perfect luau locations. if i recall, much of the food was fresh fruit and fish... tel aviv tiki bar has a certain ring to it... :tiki:
mahal oy,

(Risking turning this into a condiment thread)
BK - do you mean the food in Israel or "Jewish" food? I loved the food in Israel, but I had to restrain myself, and when that didn't help I just had to resort to loosing 30-40 lbs every few years...

JD - my bandmate who works in restaurants wants to do a polynesian one if I ever go back there. In the meantime, he wants no one to know the drink recipes...


I don't know how close it is...the stuff here in the Jewish bakeries and delis is what I mean. Especially during the Hannnuka season when they get all those dates, glace fruits, nuts, special candies, etc. We walk by and my wife instinctively says "Noooo...keep on going". Bummer. Means I have to sneak out to keep my "wrestling fall guy" padding on.

Oh yeah, now I get it...Hannuka is tough for me too, I hate donuts, but we have a different type of Hannuka donuts that I just love. In Purim we got Haman Tashen, in Passover we got Haroset (which is something made out of dates, apples, nuts, raisins and wine), in Shavoo'ot we eat cheese based stuff (which means sweet cheese & raisin blintzes in my family's case).
Yes, it's hard being a jew :wink:
Now lets get back to Tikis, before this gets moved to "Beyond Tiki"


Hamen Tashen...YUMMMMMMMMM!

No more talk of Food and Condiments in Tiki Central!

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