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TIKI QUEST visits South Florida and the MAI KAI

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Aloha all!

Duke will be traveling to South Florida next week and I was hoping he could get a group to join him at the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale Sat the 6th starting at 5 or 6 in the bar (making sure to catch happy hour).

He's going to bring as many of the Tiki Quest Mugs as he can with him. They already carry the book at the Mai Kai gift shop.

Unfortunately, I have to stay home and hold down the fort, but I'd love for as many TC members as possible to come out, have a cocktail, enjoy the amazing Mai Kai, and talk Tiki with Duke!

Let me know if you'll be able to be there.


Sorry we're going to miss you Duke.
We're going to be there the following weekend on Friday night.

PS: Your book is great and would make a nice X-mas present for anyone on TC that doesn't have one.


Any chance Duke will be going through Atlanta on his way? I'd love to buy him a drink at Trader Vics, buy a mug, and get more books for 20th Century Antiques-we've already sold out!!


GECKO posted on Wed, Nov 26, 2003 4:04 PM

speaking of X-mas presants, I would for sho like wun a dem books for x-mas. I wasn't around when they were on special here at TC I was told. I'm not good at computers sooo, how do I tell one of my loveones where to get this book for me for X-mas?

Me and the wahine are going to try to make it. Do you plan on doing the diner show as well? If we come it will probably be for happy hour only.

I'm in, would love to buy Duke a Shrunken Skull(my personal favorite at the Mai Kai), great book, has helped me in more than one city. May go to the show also if I can find a date.


Thanks for the response. KG, sorry you can't be there, I know it's late notice.

Scotty, I'll be driving down from Chicago so I will be passing through Atlanta, but in kind of a rush. Don't know that I will be able to stop for a proper visit, but let's talk.

I have to be in Miami the 1st-3rd and then I'm free Thurs., Fri., and Saturday. I have to be back in Miami on Sunday afternoon. I was thinking I'd try to get up to East Central FL on Thurs. or Friday. Looking to squeeze in as much Tiki and TCers as possible in the short time.

I'll be on the road after this Friday midday but Amy will be able to reach me and let me know what's going on.

Flounder, I'm up for drinks, dinner, the show, whatever.

Gecko, you (or your Santa) can still get the book through Tiki Central, or you can order it from Amazon, or you can get one at a Hilo Hattie store, Baileys Antiques, Tikis Grill and Bar, it's on your island in paradise. But of course if you get one through the TC link, Tiki Central benefits from your purchase and you get the personalised service... just follow the link.

Me, I'm looking forward to some warm weather in the Sunshine State and a shrunken skull with McDougall at the Mai Kai!



Great Duke, I'll be there at 6 latest. I'll be the one arguing with the door Nazi (the gentleman who has been guarding the Molikai for some time now) about wearing my hat:-). PM me if plans change or whatever.


Duke's looking forward to Saturday at the Mai Kai! So I am just trying to get an idea of how many folks might be showing up... He'll definitely be in the bar area from 5-7pm.



Any TCers willing to pick up a Tiki Quest tiki mug for me? If so, I can pay ya and throw in a Purple Orchid mug for your troubles. Just drop me an e-mail if you could help me out to get that fabulous mug!

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