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a night at the Tiki Ti

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Kudos to Modmana (and wife?) and the guys from Onatiki.com . You guys are laid back people and highly amusing (as are most tiki centralists I've met). And to those I saw at La Luz and gave a nod to at the Ti, we will talk soon. Zombies on me.

And last but not least, let us not forget the great infamy of 'poo poo platter' who ignored all good thought and went a little too heavy on the Mai Tai's and Blue Hawaiian's. He paid the price and spent the next several hours paying respects to the porcelain tiki bowl. Lets all pray for 'poo poo' and hope that he is doing well.
To the wife of 'poo poo' who laid down on me the most eloquent sermon of unstoppable critique advising me against my continuing role as the devil in disguise, I thank you. For it is truly you who are Showbiz.


Hey there TikiApprentice,

It was cool hanging out with you at Tiki Ti. We are always amazed at the quality of libations there. Finally had our first Ooga Booga!

I was wondering what happened to your friend Poo(?). That guy was sucking down drinks at a rate of 3+ to every 1 that I had. We were amused as he was trying to convince Mike Jr to concoct him a custom drink. He wanted him to make a spontaneously made up drink called a "Cancer" (his horoscope sign). Mike was a good sport and finally made it for him even though I think Poo had lost his better judgement at that point in the evening.

We were hoping to see the new original Miles Thompson art that night. I asked Mike Senior about it and he said the painting was in the back room but pointed out where it would be hung and said it would probably go up next week.

I'm sure we'll be back in the not too distant future.

ModMana :drink:

It was great meeting some Tiki Centralites in person (a first for me), and I'm glad poo poo was able to get off of his barstool. He was two sips away from the legendary Tiki Ti wheelbarrow...


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