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Kauai Tikis

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We found plenty of Tikis on Kauai ~ I’ve posted other pictures
Green Garden Tikis and Tahiti Nui

Todd &Tiki @ Big Brudda’s Take Out, Waimea

elicia & tiki in Waimea

Kamokila Hawaiian Village
6060 Kuamoo Road
Wailua,West Kauai
The village has been recreated and visitors can learn about ancient Hawaiian history and see cultural and food demonstrations ~ lots of tikis throughout, we didn’t photograph them all.

Tiki @ Hawaiian Village ~

Tiki @ Hawaiian Village

Tiki @ Hawaiian Village

Giant Styrofoam Tikis @ near Poipu

Molesting Tiki in Hanapepe

Hyatt Tikis

Hyatt Tikis (many more tikis in the Tidepools Restaurant, that we didnt photograph)

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You have foun a true tiki paradise on Kaui.

Much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving day weekend.

I love the third one at Kamokila, it looks like it's 500 years old. I was in Kauai about seven years ago, but unfortunately I was not into tiki yet. How upsetting, but it does give me an excuss to go back.
Thanks for the pics.

Great Tikis!

I've never been to Kauai, but I sure want to go there now!



These garden tikis make this one of my favorite threads.


I have shots of a few of those exact tikis. And a few additonal things. I'll have to put them on the FOM site and link 'em here.

Here's a couple for now:

"The Jealous Queen" (She is no longer there by the way.)

More Kauai shots in the gallery of the FOM. I'll have to upload a few more tikis though.


Mahalo, Dogbytes, for the recommendation for Tidepools at the Hyatt.

It is possibly the best tiki restaurant, after the MaiKai, I've ever been to, with the enormous Ku tikis in the lobby, with views of the lagon, the waterfall and illuminated by blazing tiki torches.

However, the waiter had never even heard of the Missionary's Downfall, nor are any of the drinks served in tiki mugs!

Holden, your assistance is desparately needed (although I did see your products at Hilo Hatties)!

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