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Now that the trendsetters have moved on...

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Do you find the whole lounge/tike scene to be less frenetic and much more comfortable?
Now we can really delve into our collective Tiki consciousness.

Ooooh.... Svend....dude...(remember that song "Things that make you go mmmmmm"?). The heat on this one....mmmmm...

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-11-28 13:01 ]

Yes, now that the trendsetting tikes have moved on to college, I am definitely more relaxed.

Svend posted on Fri, Nov 28, 2003 1:56 PM

Haha, good one.
Actually I've been intrigued of the whole tiki culture, especially how it has been borrowed and corrupted to suit modern tastes.
People who created exotic music and sounds have seen their work start as cool, then become scorned and mocked, then appreciated again.
Now the rediscovery has petered out and we can really delve into all aspects without the glare of culture and the media.

Too bad some hot chicks left too. But they just weren't tikicentric enough anyway.


I don't think the trendi-ness of this culture has peaked yet. Just wait until the Spongebob generation hits drinking age.

As far as art and books and movies and music, etc. ... the people of TC ARE the trendsetters of this resurgence. Not responding to what pop-culture insists that they engage in, but actually following their artistic vision whether anyone accepts it or not.

And we would enjoy the various elements of the "Tiki" culture be it exotica music, Witco, collectables, drinks, pirates or Hawai'iana, whether there ever were a Tiki culture or not. This is the place not to pervade any other culture but to enhance the one we've already chosen to enjoy.

This from a recent member here, but one who has certainly benefited from the knowledge and willingness of the members here to share their experience, drink recipes and weaponry.

For example:
Hey Bong - Shubb sp-2 - $25 dollars with shipping and it's on the way! Mahalo!


People will continue to flock to the very adult tastes that this culture has to offer and TC members will be here to continue to keep the standards high... and if not high, at least drunk.

[ Edited by: pablus on 2003-11-28 14:30 ]

Alright I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you lost me with the "hot chicks" remark. You're something that sank down to the bottom and resurfaced again, I think.


What if we elected a tiki queen-but she moved on with the trendsetters??? OOPS-Just mr. smiley stirring up the pot !!! tee hee

Svend posted on Fri, Nov 28, 2003 3:07 PM

A guy can't appreciate hot chicks?
Okay, I'll just pour another drink to drown those urges.

Maybe tiki should be separate from lounge culture when discussing how the trend has faded? Lots of people combine the two as I can see from this site.

Kim posted on Fri, Nov 28, 2003 7:35 PM

I doubt very much that the "trendsetters" have moved on at all-- Tiki has been a fairly constant alt-cool thing for ages, and has just bobbed up on the more mainstream radar every once in a while.

When Shag stuff is sold at garage sales, then some of the current "trendsetters" will have lost interest, I suppose...but I wouldn't be willing to place any bets on when that'll be.

Svend posted on Fri, Nov 28, 2003 7:55 PM

You cats are in denial!
Which is a pretty blissful place to be.

I tell ya, the whole lounge scene crested about 5 years ago.
But let's ride the wave to the shore.
Thor Hyerdahl would be pleased.


I think the term "trend setters" is a little off the mark but I understand where you're coming from. I would say that the folks you are refering to are trend followers.

As we all know, the trend was set long ago and the followers came out an reared their ugly heads. When they're long gone, we'll still be drinking mai tais at our favorite tiki lounges and listening to exotica music.

And "hot chicks?" Where? Did I miss something in this post?!? I hate it when that happens! :wink:



[ Edited by: stentiki on 2003-11-28 19:57 ]


<I tell ya,>

I'm 23...

Bill Murray's rendition of a lounge singer...

crested about 10 years ago...

Who's gonna disagree with either of those tracks here?

"Lounge" is Tiki wannabe.

Add "Polynesian" or "Hawai'ian" to all your quarter-thoughts and pull the handle again.

Oddly enough "www.loungecentral.com" is wide freaking open!

Imagine that.


If you're old enough, then you remember when being interested in what they started calling lounge music made you wierd. There weren't sci-fi conventions or fanzines for everything under the sun. Whatever you were in to was your own private world that no one understood, but for you it was an escape from the mundane sheep-like existence you saw all around you. Tiki covers a lot of ground. If it becomes trendy now an then, so be it. Keeps it from getting stale.

I like the fact that this all started from another culture, we have borrowed and changed it, but it's based on history. The richness of past cultures and the way they lived with a much more laidback lifestyle. At least the ones that weren't cannibals.

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2003-11-29 07:55 ]


On 2003-11-28 19:55, Svend wrote:
You cats are in denial!
I tell ya, the whole lounge scene crested about 5 years ago.

I know Tor-An-ta is a pretty cosmo place, but I lived in the lounge capital of the world, Las Vegas, 5 years ago ('96-2000) and it was just catching on there then. In '98 cigars peaked, not lounge.....as if I could care :wink:

Tiki is a mentality and a lifestyle choice IMHO and I STILL see plenty of 'hot chicks'! :D

Rat Pack + Tiki = Rattiki
And I own NO Shag!

[ Edited by: Rattiki on 2003-11-29 19:21 ]

We have become pathetic. To care what is thought of us, to give a damn about who might be "adulterating the true meaning of Tiki," to feel such a lack of self respect as to declare Hatred for such an idiot as Jimmy Buffet simply because he has a decent marketing concept that doesn't, exactly, match our view of "how the world ought to be" is, well... sad.
We know what is right because we know what is wrong. We know what we like because we know what we don't like. We sit in this room and act like we care so much for the mugs we've bought, but when we get tired of them we sell them on eBay to the highest bidder. We have become more sad and insignificant than those of the Mid 70s generation that allowed Tiki to fade to begin with.

Speak for yourself...

Believe it or not... that's all I can do.

Okay. I'm pathetic for buying what I want. But all the idiots that pay eBay prices for mugs they actually care nothing about aren't. Sorry. I was confused for a moment.

[ Edited by: Traitor Vic on 2003-11-29 23:35 ]

Vic, never said that...I just think you were being hard on Tiki Central Et Al...you'll never accuse me for one of caring nothing about a vintage mug...certain ones send shivers down my spine even now if only for the great men and women they were once in the presence of....But the Jimmy Biffett generation (deliberate jock reference) were the very ones that caused the fade of the great age of tiki to begin with. I feel like everyone who makes an effort to contribute here at Tiki Central is a trendsetter in his or her own right just for being here and doing the thing we do, so I guess I took the initial post a little personally. Excuuuuse me. :)

No excusin' needed, BK. We're from the Exact Same Planet! Just like to Jab you every once in a while. Keeps you awake, don't you think? 8)

On 2003-11-28 14:46, mrsmiley wrote:
What if we elected a tiki queen-

Thats a great idea!

On 2003-11-28 14:26, pablus wrote:
Just wait until the Spongebob generation hits drinking age.

I've been of legal drinking age for 10 years.

Svend posted on Sun, Nov 30, 2003 8:26 PM

Good to get a bit of insight.
Trendfollowers, not trendsetters was what I actually meant.
I think the lounge tie-in with tiki culture is what muddles things.
Shouldn't they be entirely separate, or does that take the fun and atmosphere out of the oceanic style?

Oh, cripes.

Enough of the moaning and groaning!

Tiki is in and of itself a modern bastardization of something that never existed.

Tiki is a tongue in cheek rip off of what was regarded as charmingly 'primitive' when the modern age was hitting this country with Formica and rayon.

There is nothing pure to preserve, ya think the frigging natives in Polynesia debated rayon vs. polyester, or the value of a stupid mug?!?

This whole hobby is artificial!

Folks, glass floats were never intended at any time to be your ceiling lamps. The original Trader Vic's was never intended to foster appreciation of Polynesian lifestyles, it was a play on the racist views of Polynesia as a place of rampant libido and drunken misbehavior.

Exotica was a style of music that loser guys thought would get them laid.

Tiki is the equivalent of a loser in a velvet smoking jacket and cherrywood pipe thinking he looks sophisticated.

It's not sophisticated, it's camp.

You can't fuckin' preserve what was meant as cheeky affectation to begin with.

If you think digging Tiki is a somehow philosophically pure or superior pursuit, then you are as pitiful as a Parrot head who thinks playing Buffet CD's at full blast is appealing to the opposite sex.

Just stop it.

It's gotten to the point where we have some Noel Coward wanna-be putting in faux stage directions getting credibility!!!

It is a sad commentary on Tiki to think that some guy who types like Jeremy Irons playing Claus Von Bulow gets play like he actually gets anything.

Sorry for the rant.

No offense, Svend, your posts are very cute.

[ Edited by: Geeky Tiki on 2003-11-30 20:49 ]

Heavy, man, but what ever happened to the fun? As I said to another longtime Tiki Centralite friend, why go off half cocked when you can cock all the way?

I think Geeky Tiki nailed it.

Or in other words, "Me three."

I agree, I just wish this dumb-to-begin-with topic would go away and be buried by the more useful, informative ones.

I wholeheartedly agree, BK...and stop with the cretinous crap.

Tikifish, you make a much better representative for Toronto.

P.S. Rattiki's chick IS hot.

[ Edited by: purple jade on 2003-12-01 09:05 ]

I agree with Ben of Bamboo, although he did forget to mention that blah blah blah and blah.


darn, geeky tiki--all i can say is 'two words that any
tiki centralite would like to hear-"right on!!!" '

Svend posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2003 5:39 PM

I agree completely geeky tiki.
Just glad someone is aware of how silly this whole thing is if you think about it.

I was trying for Bogart, not Coward.

Shutup and drinkup!



..."I just wish this dumb-to-begin-with topic would go away and be buried by the more useful, informative ones."

No one responds to the more useful and informative ones. Hey, what's your favorite mayonaise?

I hope I'm not abusing my adjutantship here, but this topic is just another argumentative space-waster and has little to do with preserving or furthering tiki for the common good

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