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Price revealed on restored K.C. tiki

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Okay, I'm a softie, and can't stand to keep people guessing... Besides, I am curious if we paid a bit much in your opinions. The asking price for the big tiki was either $400.00 or $450.00, as I said, I traded for it, so it wasn't a cash purchase. I gave a Coca-cola metal sign, probably 1960's, I paid about $60.00 for that sign, and I gave another metal ad sign, kind of generic, I got it and another sign for a $1.00 at an auction, the other sign was a nice one, which I gave to a good friend a few years ago, so basically I had nothing in the second sign. I hadn't hung the Coke sign since I moved to this house about 4 years ago, and had never hung the other sign, so both were just collecting dust in the garage. I think Paul may think it was a bit high, considering the condition of the tiki. I'll never forget our conversation as we stood in that yard in a cold downpour. Paul saying, "you have no idea what bad condition it's in, it's not worth it." Me, "I know it needs help, but its condition won't get any better sitting out here in a yard all year long, what condition will it be in in a year?" He just shook his head, like he thought I was crazy, and I said, "just let me buy it, and take it home and put it somewhere dry, I can always find it a good home if you decide you don't want it." (sheesh, I sounded like I was talking about a puppy!) So he agreed, and it became his project in October. I am one of those tiki buyers who never spends more than $5.00 on an item, with the exception of a couple of Shag mugs, which I bought at 30.00 new and a Shag purple lamp... The tiki was in bad shape on the inside, but the outside isn't bad, so it displays well. I am just glad Sven Kirsten talked us into posting the info on this site, it's great to read the nice things you all have to say about it. Makes up for the people who see it in our house and look at us as though we are insane! Attached is another photo of the tikis original bad condition, we glued back on the pieces that were missing on the bottom rim, so it looks nice again. And do let me know what you think of the price. It's okay if you think it was a bit high, but don't say it was way too high, or Paul will go back to thinking I'm crazy!

Hey, just look at the prices of brand new mass-produced sculpture from a catalog like Toscano if you ever feel it was too much.

Trading an investment of $60 in material you never looked at for this thing you doublessly enjoy every day was a no-brainer.

I think almost anyone I know, even non-tikiphiles who just like eclectic stuff, would have bought it at $60; and I bet almost anyone on TC would have paid $400, if they could afford it.

So, you were wise in acquisition, skillful in resoration and are envied in possession. Sounds like a cool deal to me!

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Kim posted on Sun, Nov 30, 2003 10:40 PM

Well, off the top of my head I can't recall what the carvers 'round here charge per foot, but if you got that lovely huge guy for essentially $60, you got a helluva good deal!

All the tiki folks around my house are really, really jealous-- it's a dream score!

Oceanic Arts' catalog price on that tiki is 300.00 a linear foot today, so by that measure you stole it. It depends too on the scarcity of the Coke sign...and whether it was mint or not.


Everyone and their mother has a coke sign... byt how many people have an eight foot tiki?

I say it was a brilliant score!

I would have paid more for it actually, if I had the space and the readily available cash.

Kono posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2003 8:23 AM

On 2003-11-30 23:15, Basement Kahuna wrote:
Oceanic Arts' catalog price on that tiki is 300.00 a linear foot today, so by that measure you stole it. It depends too on the scarcity of the Coke sign...and whether it was mint or not.

So...$2400 brand new or $61 for a vintage model needing a little work. OK a lot of work. I'd say you got a steal and a half! I think $400 would be a good deal actually. It's an old original and no telling where it's been, maybe in a Trader Vics or some other long gone tiki hotspot.

I imagine you do get some odd looks from visitors to your home. :lol:

I like coke.

Besides it's great size and it's style that I personally favor, this Tiki is a genuine piece of Polynesian Pop history. It was carved during the heyday of Tiki culture, by a name carver (he also did all the Tikis for the various Tropics Motels) who worked for THE Tiki manufacturing house, Oceanic Arts.
It stood at a quality Tiki chain restaurant, the Kansas City Kona Kai.
To me something like that is priceless.

Now you just need to find some postcards and brochures that show the idol in situ.

Thanks to BK and Beachcomber Brad's efforts I was able to purchase a tiki from the Imperial Luau. Because I tend to focus on Florida tiki I absolutely had to have it. It's easily the most expensive tiki purchase I've ever made, but like Sven said, I think it is priceless and would never part with it.

GECKO posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2003 3:53 PM

BEAUTIFUL! wun lucky braddah you are!

Svend posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2003 5:46 PM

Looks like you've done a great job on the tiki.
When I first read the account, I was squirming at the thought of all the toxic chemicals you were spraying into this guy's soul.
Must have made the spirits stronger!

kctiki posted on Tue, Dec 2, 2003 4:24 AM

I've been wondering where all the treasures from the Plaza Kona Kai ended up. I was beginning to suspect they were all sucked up in the mysterious vortex and landed in rural Georgia. Great to see something surfaced locally.

Swanky posted on Fri, Dec 5, 2003 4:44 PM

A steal if you paid price and not trade. A total steal as is.

You need to order about a gallon of Minwax Wood Restorer and pour it on thick to the bottom and make that wood good again. Then use their wood filler for the base. Other wise the rot is a danger and the filler may swell or contract and kill the piece for sure.

It's a treasure. Treat it right.

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