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"Easter Island" on Nova

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Did anyone see the Nova "Easter Island" episode last night on LA Public TV KCET? Some fascinating footage of unfinished Moai. The real treat, however, were the dueling archaeologist bickering over their pet theories on how the Maoi were moved. If they just listened to the legends they would know the Moai WALKED across the island. (Or maybe Erich von Däniken was right after all!)


That was a great program! Very informative and fascinating to ponder how the Moai were created and moved. I learned a great deal from this program. After all the research and theories they have only begun to unravel the mystery. It was also great fun to see the academics arguing among themselves after their huge egos got the best of them (I see this a lot at my institution!). A very intriguing documentary! For those of you that missed it, you can find out more here:



Uncle Arty

I caught it this afternoon. Very fascinating subject, and it baffles me that we still really don't know how they did it. Same with the Pyramids in Egypt(Personally, I think it was aliens :tiki: ).

The show was fun to watch, as the engineers squabbled quite a bit over whether the others' theory was sound. Also made me want a huge concrete Moai in my backyard. Okay, I wanted that before I saw this program :wink:


Patrick McNeal

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You can make your backyard Moai with the mold they showed on the program. wasn't it grand?

That would be sweet. I wouldn't even care if they used a crane.
And wouldn't the neighbors be jealous? :wink:

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