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hi there...

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I'm the new dude here...Just checking out the various aspects of the tiki scenethat I have always had a interest in due to being born in Hawaii in 1967.alas I was shang highed away before I was 3 by my parents when my dad got ot of the navy. My folks fell in love with the place and I guess it filtered thru into me...
I had no idea there was a semi-orginized lifestyle movement until I saw a "Bizarre" agazine that had a article on it and mentioned the "Book of Tiki"...I have used that as my launch pad into checking out all things tiki,pacific rim pop and exotica americana...
looks like I have a ton of stuff to trowel thru in the next few days...
nice to meet y'all

Andrew posted on Thu, Dec 4, 2003 3:46 PM

Strangely I was born a Navy brat in HI and lived there for about three years as well. Nothing else sounds the same, but whatever. Now if you moved to Guam after that, then there would be a little more synchronicity going on.

Nah...no Guam here...We hit Washington State then back to Texas where we pretty much moved all over...


Welcome aboard!




Lotsa cool stuff to do and see here!

Kenike posted on Thu, Dec 4, 2003 8:34 PM

We hit Washington State then back to Texas where we pretty much moved all over

Are you still in TX? If so what part?



Have fun here.
I'm guessing we might learn a few things from you, being an island local.
Welcome aboard!

Thanx for the welcomes....i'm in Houston and I don't know how much I could impart...seeing as how I was a lil kid when we left and I have not been able to ever go back....It sux being broke...snicker

I'm pretty new here myself, but welcome! TC really is a cool place.


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