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Sea Paradise Hello Kitty at Target

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I picked up a super swell Tiki-esque "Sea Paradise" Hello Kitty at Target for $4. Kitty is wearing a sexy orange bikini with flower cup top and she comes with a small round bar which is topped with a coconut palm. There's a small Tiki drink that fits in her hand or on the bar as well as a bottle of "Orange". What's extra cool is that Kitty has a tan! She's a toasty brown color all over...Or maybe she's a native. A perfect little Tiki-esque gift for the girl or weirdo (such as myself) in your life. Mines going in my Tiki bathroom next to my Hula ____ doll (some little relative of Barbie's whose name escapes me).

(Ooops- It occured to me that this probbaly should have gone in the Collecting Tiki forum...I forgot as I sort of think of that forum as a place for advertising the stuff you're selling and eBay rants. If I were at a savvy capitalist I would've bought all the Sea Paradise Hello Kittys then told you to look at my eBay auction for them.)

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I guess I'm a girl weirdo too because I love Hello Kitty!I've liked Hello Kitty ever since 3rd grade.I have an excuse to buy it now though for my daughter.How cool the one you described sounds.Next Target trip I'll have to snatch up mine!(oops,I mean my daughter's!)Aloha,Anne

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