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We will be at the great Mai Kai Dec. 22nd

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Me and the lovely wahine will be hanging out at the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale Monday night, Dec. 22nd. Seating for dinner at 6:00 for the 7:00 show. If anyone would like to join us we'll add you to our party's reservation. It doesn't get any better!

Lucky dog... and soaking up more of that inspiration! If I wasn't so far away I'd take you up on that reservation...

I have to settle for Trader Vic's Chicago tomorrow (2nd visit ever) and maybe I can squeeze in Hala Kahiki (4th visit ) late at night for a Tiki Love Bowl with the wahine... busy day of window shopping on the Magnificent Mile... I get to experience life in a big city again...

I'm gonna size up one of those large poles at Vic's, get some pics and hopefully start on a replica by the new year... :)

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YoU sUcK!


What's the Mai Kai?

I'll run this by the Amber Love Goddess and see if it's something do-able.

PLEASE, check your PMs
O Kahuna-Carver of Weaponry.

I taste Rum Barrels in my future.
They taste like...vagrancy.

Do I have to sit at your table?
I'm afraid you'll start dancing and yelling and stuff like those... those... Californians.

Palbus, you're joking right? If not, prepare for the bashing.

I happen to like watching some of those female Californians dance and yell :) But I can run with all the best of 'em, so I'm not picky about states! I'm a mercenary!What sort of tiki armament do you require, my 2,000-dollar-a-bottle wine snorting man?

pablus posted on Sat, Dec 6, 2003 9:27 AM

Good Reverend,
My mystical sojourn to the Mai Kai is the stuff that legen... well, uh...ABC-movies-of-the-week are made of.


Kern mentioned "the Bamboo Suit" about 5 times when we were there.

How does the "Search" or just plain memory, work on this site???? DOH!

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