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Funny 'Hawaii Five-O' story

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This story ran in the Denver Post newspaper on July 6, 1973.


HONOLULU-(AP)- An episode of 'Hawaii Five-O' called "Murder is a Taxing Affair" has become a taxing affair for Honolulu police. A dummy attired in a brown suit was thrown off a 300-foot cliff. Because of tricky winds, the dummy missed its target and lodged in an inaccessible crevice. For the past two weeks there have been frequent calls about a body at this location, a police spokesman said. Although no problem has daunted the fictional 'Five-O' unit, the real life television crew has given up trying to retrieve the dummy.

Rain posted on Mon, Dec 8, 2003 11:41 AM

so how come i can get "sanford and son" on dvd, but not hawaii five-o?

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