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NEMO-Virtual Aquarium w/Tikis on DVD

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Not sure if this has already been mentioned but I was wandering through the special features on the Finding NEMO DVD and happened across the Virtual Aquarium.

Those of you who own this DVD know that it comes with two discs. One disc contains the full screen format and the other contains the widescreen.

The special features on the two discs are different!

There is a virtual aquarium on both discs. The widescreen version contains a loop of the swaying plant life on the coral reef. The full screen version contains shots of the aquarium with the tiki toys and bubbling volcano.

This might be the perfect visual to play at your next tiki gathering. A little exotica on the CD player and loop the virtual tiki aquarium on your TV.

Hey MonkeyMan,

Thanks for the tip about the Nemo tikis. I can't wait to check it out. Now, if only I could get the remote away from the kids!



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