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Wheel Of Fortune Tikis

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I was changing channels and spotted a bunch of tikis.......cause it's Tropics week on WOF.......who carved those? I would assume this set will be there all week.....don't shoot your T.V. just yet....

Bob & Leroy from Oceanic Arts sent me an email letting us know that OA is providing the Tikis for the WOF set! Some fiberglass, some old poles from Trader Vic's.....cool that they would take the time to write.


Looks like WOF is doing another Tiki week starting this Monday. TiVo description was "Tiki Time" for all shows next week. I also heard they're replacing the traditional wheel with Tiki Ti's "WHEEL OF TIKI-TI DRINKS". Ok maybe that last part wasn't true.

Should be fun to watch. I heard that on Friday Vanna is going to wear nothing but a grass skirt and a couple of hibiscus pasties.


Now That will be fun. I have watched the Tiki Time 2 times this week and the set is Really nice. Pat's comment of " Idon't know where they come up with these themes!" was very unfriendly. You can tell he is Not a tiki lover. Watch out pat Sajak, tikis have feelings too and Power to use at their will.

I have done construction work for Pat at his house in L.A. and here in Ventura County and I will try to remember to quiz him on his thoughts on Tiki next time I see him. He is as nice in person as he is on TV.

Tiki Time! Tiki Time! Tiki Time!
I've really been digging this week on WOF. I usually can't stand the show, but I've been enduring for the sake of seeing some tikis. They're super cool, too. I want to go raid the set and get my hands on some of those. You think it's a special secret grand prize? I can see it now: Uhhh, Pat, instead of the $10,000 or the new car, can I just have all the tikis and the grass hut?
BTW, is it just me, or has anyone noticed: Vanna White has been hot for the entire time I've been alive.

The Wheel is rolling again right now!!

Fewer tikis this time it looks like, but the one that shows most prominently seems to be well done. OA's work again?

And it may just be me but I can't stand seeing Pat (or anybody else for that matter) wearing his Hawaiian shirt TUCKED IN! Who dresses this guy??

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