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At the Hukilau I finally got to meet Kailuageoff. He is truly a wealth of knowledge for the rare southeast Poly-pop culture and is very much inline with Sven's way of thinking regarding preserving and promoting our Tiki culture. (I also had the rare chance to hang with Sven quite a bit at the Hukilau as well. EVERYONE there was great!)

One of our discussions (Kailua and I) was in regards to an appreciation of, and need to preserve, the past. Many people of Kailua's generation (sorry!) and slightly older do not see the need to preserve our culture developed from the 1930's through the 1960's. They don't consider it "antique" and don't see much value in it. Well for those of us who do like it, check this out...


This site is all documentaries and educational films from the early days of movies.

I don't have a "high speed" connection, so it's impractical for me to watch 'em. But I was at a buddy's pad and spent two hours watching these incredible movies. One was produced by the city of Portland (sometime in the late 50's) demonstrating how to evacuate the city in the event of nuclear war. Another was of some guys on a "fishing expidition" in SoCal where they were just riding around in boats harpooning whatever big fish/creature came to the surface. They also have car advertisements and other stuff. I hope that at least a few of you appreciate this link (actually, I hope this isn't old news to all of you...)

Anyway, I'm off to the Bahamas for a week of spearfishing myself, but will be going to the Mai Kai on August 10th for the 7pm show if any of you are in the area.


Have a great time in the Bahamas, Chris... and when you get to the Mai Kai look into joining the Mai Kai club. For $10 you get a really cool gold plastic membership card, plus drink and show discount coupons good between now and December. Marian and I went last weekend and talked to the manager about doing a tiki party there. He laughed when we told him about the chaos at Trader Vics. "We can handle about 500 people with no problem," he said. They were genuinely into doing something for us, but I said it probably wouldn't happen for some months since we just got back from the Hukilau.

Hmm, interesting...

Ford, Swanky, Kiliki, did you hear that?

Kilikopela, I love that site and visit it often. One of my favorite films is "Atomic Alert" 1951. There is just a hell of a lot of good research material stufffed there. Everyone should take apeek.

I think the Mai Kai would be a GREAT place to have a party sometime. I have been thinking about this actually for about 2 years now. I still need to visit that place and really need a good excuse to fly down there. On the subject of films.....Something Weird video has a DVD out called "Atomic War Bride" coupled with another film called "This Is Not A Test". I watched this last night and it definitely gets my 2 thumbs up!! Lots of bonus stuff on there too like the cartoon "Duck and Cover". Hilarious!!! Also, did you guys know that the "Kon Tiki" film made by Thor Heyerdahl is also available on DVD? This film actually won "Best Documentary" in 1950 I believe. Another choice pick! Oh, and if you really want some bizarro stuff Fantoma.com has 4 DVD's of Educational Films just like the ones we older folks saw in school classrooms many moons ago. I have all four and they are truly incredible. Each volume is a different theme....Drivers Ed, Sex/Drugs, On The Job, and my favorite Social Engineering 101 which has a film called "Growing up and Liking It."

[i]On 2002-08-02 09:37, Jeff Central wrote: and my favorite Social Engineering 101 which has a film called "Growing up and Liking It."

Wow, I need to show that to my son.

Actually, this should be mandatory material for all Tiki Central members... :)

My all time favourite film equipment rental house T-shirt (in German this would be "Filmgeraeteverleihhaushemd") was from a Seattle outfit, had a children's drawing of a guy with a camera on it and said "Why grow up when you can make movies"


Yes, we have talked to several interested parties about moving the Hukilau to Mai Kai. The KreepyTiki guys and everyone was all for it. There are a lot of logistics to consider. I think we have a lot of people in Florida we could count on for help.

There is also a film in a library in Florida that has tourism footage of Tiki Gardens. Someone needs to go see that and find out how to get a copy. As best as I remember, it was not available for loan. I don't think I have a link to it anymore, but the listing can be found online.

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