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Tiki Lounge, Surrey, BC, Canada, Surrey, Canada (restaurant)

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Name:Tiki Lounge, Surrey, BC, Canada
Street:9850 King George Highway
Zip:V3T 4Y3

I was pleasantly surprised by this quite classy venue. Fine menu, a place you'd consider going for a power lunch or fun dinner date. Someone has gone as "all-out" as I suspect this part of the world ever will on appointments, see my website at http://members.shaw.ca/emspace/TC/DaysInn/index.html for some photos taken just yesterday. The official website is at http://www.surreyinn.com/ and the menu can be read at http://www.surreyinn.com/tikilounge_menu.html - bear in mind the prices are in Canadian dollars!

aloha, emspace.

Thanks for the pics emspace!

This place doesn't look half bad. I'll have to check it out when I'm in yr neck of the woods. Or better yet, maybe we can meet there for a drink or two (not a Mai Tai though, Jake's using pineapple juice).



You just drop me an email Slacks and it's a go.


TabooDan took me & Pepe Le Tiki to this place on my recent trip to Vancouver.

The Surrey Inn is now the Compass Point Inn, and the Tiki Lounge is called something else though the old sign still exists. It isn't a Tiki lounge anymore though there still are some Tikis and other artifacts in both the lounge (adjacent to the restaurant) and in the pub (Amber Jack's Tap House).

I'll leave it to Dan to give the back story of this place if he so chooses.

Does anyone have any news on this place? Is the Compass Point Inn still operating? Does the Tiki Lounge, in some form, still exist? Thank you!

The Surrey Inn hotel itself opened in 1974. It became a Days Inn beginning sometime in the late 1990’s. I'm guessing the Tiki Lounge was probably created sometime around 2002?

In 2008 the hotel became the Compass Point Inn. The "Tiki Lounge" was no longer advertised as such after that, but the lounge was apparently still there.

The hotel closed in May 2013 and the building was demolished in April 2014.

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