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WITCO/ Tiki Modern-people imagery ?

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Hear ye-
As I have mentioned earlier (and as some of you have witnessed in my slide show) I am very thrilled with the images I have collected for my Witco book and feel that it will be able to live up to the Book of Tiki,

Yet, since the brunt of the images are from the Witco catalogues, I still sense a lack of PEOPLE amongst all that furniture, the kind that would inhabit a Witco rec room. It is quite difficult to find 50s and 60s pictures of people AND Tikis together, and even harder to find Witco and people pix.
So I have broadened the scope and now I am looking for ANY late 50s to late 60s images with swank people with SOME connection to Hawaii/Polynesia. Remember: MODERN and primitive.

Does anyone have family photos from Luaus or Lounges? Folks in Aloha gear?

Help me populate the Witco showrooms...

Swanky posted on Fri, Aug 2, 2002 7:26 AM

OO, OO! Maybe it's not going to happen, but! Mr. Charlie Hodge, best friend to Elvis, lives just up the road here. Kiliki and I have gone to see him many times. I will endeavor to ask if he has any pics of Elvis or others in the Jungle Room with the Witco stuff. I can't promise anything, but it gives me a good excuse to go see Charlie again!

Wow, that sounds great. We got the "in" on Elvis now. Did I tell you that the picture I have on Page 235 was lent to me by my pal Kiara Geller, whose father was Elvis' hairdresser AND psychic adviser. Kiara has one of the best all around Tiki collections in LA, with several Witco pieces.
No pix of da king in the jungle room though, so I hold my fingers crossed.

But please everybody, it does not HAVE to be Elvis, I take your grandpa. And it does not have to be Witco, just 50s/60s (even early 70s) modern primitive...if ya know what I mean.



I see the words Geller and psychic advisor in the same post and have to ask: Any relation to Uri?


I don't think so.


Sven- you should contact the people in charge of the Aku Inn and Hawaiian Inn in Daytona- the place has witco everywhere, and i'm sure they have old photos around

Big bro,
Super impose pics from the famous rm. 135 video(I just watched it for the 100th time and am still laughing my ass off!!!). Doesn't everyone fake all their photos now days?
P.S. party pooper... party pooper......!!!
God that was good!

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