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British Stamp set with Moai

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I've just found out that recently (October this year) the Royal Mail issued stamps commemorating the anniversary of the British Museum, featuring a moai on the 68p stamp.

Unfortunately, many of these special issues are only available for a short period of time
so may not still be available, but for the few Brits on the board, it might be worth asking around at local post offices.

Trader Woody

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Those are some gorgeous stamps. I love using stamps even when I don't have to. There's something so cool about them, like a holdover from another era. Sure, we can just get our postage meteres and blipped at the post ofice, but a stamp just hs that personal touch. I like to buy the pretty stamps when they come out at Canada Post, but unlike most, I actually USE them! Half the fun in Ebay selling for me is decorating the envelopes for people...

I've asked a few Post Offices for these to no avail ("Oh, those horrible masks? We didn't like those" said one counter clerk in a classic Monty Python old woman voice).

However, they are still available from
http://www.royalmail.com for £2.80 postpaid in the UK. I can't imagine they would cost that much to send to the rest of the world either.

Trader Woody


Okay, I told this a few years ago to everyone, I will do it again now. There is a US stamp with a tiki, and since it is US, you can still use it on your mail!

When the City of Refuge was made a park, they got a stamp. You'll find them in sheets of 50 on Ebay.

We used them on Hukilau mailings in 2002.

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