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New Year's party at the Kon Tiki Paradise Room?

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Any local yocal takers if we did it?


I might be persuaded.

can we take a raincheck?

my cuzzin is livvin in savannah - we're fixin to visit him and his wahine come spring. tell me how feeble my knowledge of geography is if i think we could stop by the Kon Tiki Paradise Room too ~ ?

thanks ~ u da kane

You're in, Swank...and damn, Dollar, I didn't expect you to come all the way from Watersville!(But you're welcome any time you're through my neck of the isle of North America)

naw, we'll be down there sum tahm ~ but yer in hotlanta ~ ? j$

Any more takers? If we can justify it financially we had thought about doing Tikfish's vegetarian luau.


Thanks for the invite, both Wikikitiki and I will be in the area (Corenlia, GA) visiting my folks probably for a week or so the day after Chirstmas. We both would love to come see the Kon-Tiki in person but have already made plans to go to Trader Vics for NYE. Check out their website for there NYE celebration (the only real problem will be the Caribbean band that is going to be there). If you want to have a get togeather any other time during that time period..let us know or come down to Atlanta for NYE at TVs

New Year's Eve in Atlanta?....Uhhhh....no. However we'd love to have you over for libations maybe the 29th or 30th or so. Formikahini will be here one of those nights. We are only 30 minutes up the road from Cornelia.

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-12-16 01:24 ]

Ink me in for the 30th, BK! But I may be asking for the use of your fab guest room if the evening goes as most do in the KTPR...

I'll mark it "called"!

But it DOESN'T mean I can't share the room if other travelers need to not be on the road after several BK Specials!

Looking forward to it, Dave!


The 30th sounds great! We both cannot wait..The holidays are truly turnig polynesian for us. While we our at my inlaws, we are going to head up to the Omni Hut for dinner prior to Christmas. Then a wonderful evening at the Kon Tiki Room and then Trader Vics. Again, thanks for the invite and we both look forward to meeting everyone!

Pleasure's all mine...I live for this stuff. I'll get your complimentary drink menus ready! Looking forward to it.

I am having some guests over for New Years at my new place in Atlanta so if anyone wants to attend please email me off list.

Damn you BK and these mid week ventures. Gotta work at the crack of dawn the next day so I know better.

Formica - I'll see you at Vic's earlier that week yes?

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