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Lookin' in Houston

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Well...I think I'm ready to start my official missions into Houston and the surrounding areas looking for Tiki stuff in all it's forms...I hope to get a digital camera so's I can document anything I find (if anything)
Anybody else do this kinda thing?

Hey AH, I answered you on another forum, telling you to email me. I'll say it again!


hasta soon!

TIKI: Now, more than ever

[ Edited by: Formikahini on 2003-12-12 16:46 ]

check out tiki island between houston and galveston.

besure to check out the art car museum and the orange show while in houston.... not tiki but great. plus the funeral home museum is cool.

Thanx y'all...
I'd be up for checking out that Davenport place. I think there might be a island themed restuant/bar at the entertainment complex at I-10 and Wirt.My g/f lives directly across the street from the place so I can just toodle on over there at my leisure...

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