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Twu Wuv

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I thought I'd found love before but...

![](http://www.mediacentraltampa.com/tiki folder/uke.jpg)

...sigh... we're spending a lot of time together lately, me and my little koa sweetheart with the Kauai birthmark...

![](http://www.mediacentraltampa.com/tiki folder/logoKauai.jpg)

She sings so beautifully - like birds and surf and wind through the trees all at once. She sings in tune - I hardly ever need to touch the machines. This slight bow in her back projects her voice wonderfully.

![](http://www.mediacentraltampa.com/tiki folder/bowed.jpg)

Thanks to Island Ukulele!

If I hadn't lost my voice due to my annual cold... I'd mp3 you all a little ditty... maybe before Christmas. Right now I sound like a raspy bum hollering into a crinkled paper sack. I'm sure you wouldn't enjoy that sound at all. Yes, very sure.

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Looks like koa. Is it?


Yes, sir. Koa.

Rich, warm tones - hard to believe from this tiny "jumping flea."

BTW, "Braddah" - learned "Pearly Shells" on the steel as part of our obligatory Don Ho medley. What a freaking hoot! That steel is like a gospel choir, man!

When I get it all re-conditioned a bit and am good enough to pop an MP3 to go along with it, I'll post some pics and sounds.

She is definitely a dweam within a dweam. May twue wuv fowwow you...fowevew.


dats wun cherry uka!

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