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Tiki missing in Video Games

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I got the game True Crime: Streets of LA and there is no tiki anywhere.

Although it's a fun game and it has a great layout of Downtown to West LA to Santa Monica, it just needs a few tikis around. I had to check out some famous landmarks (trader Vic's and Tiki Ti's) and here is what I found:

This is where Trader Vic's in Beverly Hills would be:

I'm so angry, I can't solve any crime!

This is where Tiki Ti would be (got a good parking spot, too):

I think it just so happens as an accident the bar appears in the same location.

[ Edited by: johnnievelour on 2003-12-18 04:13 ]

If I was to venture a guess, there may be some trademark or copyright thing going on.

My GF is from the Valley and she directed to me to where her office was on Wilshire when she worked for Bozell. The bldg was there- then she said to go down a few blocks and there would be a McD's. No McD's, but where it should have been was a generic burger place.

Went down to Hollywood and Vine and found the Capital Records bldg, but on down Hollywood Blvd, could not locate the Chinese Theater.

Great game, and I agree.. if there were some tikis in there, it would be a nice surprise. GTA Vice City had some... hidden.. but they were there.


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