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Aloha from the middle of the pacific!

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[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-06 19:09 ]


New Zealand! Have a great time!

Meri Kirihimete!

Lucky dog....


Do you have a Harveys Hula Girl Mug?

Hey Fil, will you bring me back a tiki?

I just broke my NZ jade green-stone pendant! I dropped it on the tile floor and it shattered! Be a love and bring me a new one baby!
Enjoy the rest of your trip! Shelley

Dearest fil/, would you be a doll & bring me back that girl from Whale Rider as a gift for my wife? Gee, you're swell! Toodles,

[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-06 19:10 ]

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