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Tikibar with Munktikis in movie

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Hi everyone. We went to see the movie Haunted Mansion with Eddy Murphy. Take note of the tiki bar scene. The mugs on the table are Munktikis like Frankentiki. I wrote to Munk and they said they were asked to supply the mugs for the movie and did so, we wanted to yell at the audience, look Munktikis!!!!

Here's to hoping another Munk + Pop & Tiki Farm mugs, will be in another film. Star Wars Uncut - where they cut up the film into 15 second increments and get others to do it in whatever style they want. The submissions for The Empire Strikes Back are in and I'm hoping this will be my 15 seconds of fame - just wish I had more time to learn how to do the sound. http://www.starwarsuncut.com/scene/6224

that's great! and i'll bet your scene is a hundred times better than the next star wars movie.

The scene was included!, the only movie with mugs as characters/actors? Only 16 seconds worth (while on Dagobah) Anyway. lots of fun for me ... ...

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Go to around one hour ten minutes and give yr self about four minutes - muggage on Dagobah


Holler, that's awesome! Congrats on getting your scene in there. I was watching this not that long ago (just by chance) and while I only had time to get through about the first 30 minutes, I was loving it. Great use of "tropical" scenery, too.

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