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The Lava Lounge, Madison, WI (bar)

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Name:The Lava Lounge
Street:461 w. Gilman St.

Well, going by James Teitelbaum's classification system from "Tiki Roadtrip", I would have too categorize Madison's Lava Lounge as a type 5 or "Neo-Tiki". The place has some great origional Tiki art on the walls and a large colletion of Tiki mugs and carvings around the bar. However, don't expect to go there and relax. The place is always full of the local college savages and tends to get very loud and cramped since it's a little on the small side. Also, don't expect to hear anything like Martin Denny there. They have a juke box, so basically you end up hearing whatever is popular with the kids. Perhaps I should try going on a slower weekday night to see if it is any different. It struck me as a place with potential that got hijacked by the hip crowd. The food is not Polynesian by any stretch of the imagination. Expect the usual bar food of burgers and fries. Although they were quite good. The Mai Tai I orderd came in a Tiki mug and was fairly good, but the low price made it even better.

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What kind of tiki mug did you get with your drink? Any markings, etc.? I may have business up there next year so I'm interested.

Howdy tikijackalope!

My drink came in one of those brown ceramic Moai's (about 8-9 inches tall) with a wood grain look to them They are made by "Orchids of Hawaii". Nothing too unusual or exotic I'm affraid, but I'll take what I can get. Also, if you get the chance, after you have had your Mai Tai(s)at The Lava Lounge head over across the street to The Blue Velvet Lounge. It's amazing! Not Tiki, but VERY retro/space age. The unusual martini's are pricey, but they are huge and worth every penny. You won't hear any exotica, but you will hear Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Every thing in the room is lit neon blue. If you go upstairs, you enter "The Tangerine Room" where everything is orange. It really plays tricks on your eyes when changing rooms if you've had a few. Here's a link to check it out:


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The Lava Lounge closed in 2014.

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