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6.4 Quake centered near Cambria! Munktiki?!?! Unga!!?!?

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Everyone OK?

[ Edited by: martiki on 2003-12-22 12:26 ]

[ Edited by: martiki on 2003-12-22 13:06 ]

Whoa! glass floats, plants and fishnets were swinging in Santa Cruz. Fortunately No damage to report at the Monkey Shack.



actually it was in CAmbria which is about 15 minutes away from were i live SAn Luis Obispo it was interesting. i was all shook up.

half of my tikis fell over, at least the taller skinnier half

[ Edited by: Octane on 2003-12-22 12:55 ]

Felt it in Downtown LA - Long and slow moving. Didnt think it was an earthquake but more of a Mai Tai Flash back. Had to sit down.

[ Edited by: Pacific Andy on 2003-12-22 12:56 ]

Our building here in Burbank was swaying! all mugs have been saved though...


Foggy Grotto reports 100% safe and sound.

Once again, it's time for a cheap plug for my good friend:


Earthquakes are the natural enemy of tiki mugs! Always make sure the kids are strapped in.

good to hear everyone is safe and sound!
let us know if you need anything!

Earthquake putty now available in the UK, re-named 'Museum Gel' from


Not many earthquakes here, but more than enough drunken friends rolling perilously towards mug collections.

Trader Woody

Hi Martiki
Happy holidays! Not checking the posts as I usually do (family vacation).
Thanks for the concern.
The earthquake was such a wide roller that it was not even noticed.
Thank god, the Munktiki prices will not be going up, due to damage. Just popularity.


Holy poi and Pele!
Bunga - I was wondering why the silence.

Glad you're OK.
I'd hate to crash the SF crawl without you there to guide me.

Glad all you hardy tardie (hootie tootie, honky donkey...whatever it is you call yourselves) made it okay....your life is way more important than any piece of ceramic anyway, though I hate to hear about broken mugs..

What does an earthquake feel like, exactly?

Hey BK,
Most of the ones I've experienced have felt sor of like you're walking on a mattress... a little wobbly, like your kinda dizzy for a for seconds.

In a building that has got to be hair-raising...

I was on the spot for both of the modern day big CA earthquakes. Venice Beach and SF respectively. The SoCal one felt like walking on surf. Just a gentle move under my feet, like the whole world was slowly rolling under my feet, just like a wave. Of course that "gentle" movement destroyed our house and so much more. The quake south of SF I was downtown SF driving, heading towards the Bay Bridge, lucky I didn't make it. I remember driving and swerving just a hair and not thinking much of it until I got out the car and felt a minor roller under me, I knew what that was but didn't realize until the Ball Game was cancelled how bad it was (SF vs Oakland World Series). The feeling of an earthquake might be actually pleasant if there was nothing to fall, break and destroy. Some of the smaller quakes were actually more unpleasant, more like a jerking shaking type of feel. I undertsand there are different types which may explain this.

I have always found tornados beautiful and graceful but give me 2,000 yards of distance, baby!

Glad you're all alright..you can de-stress here any time you need it.

i was walking by the newspaper boxes today, and one box that has some free sectarian publication had the eye-catching headline "is california cursed?" with an image of flaming forest fires.

just sharing :P

in light of that, i hope you folks are all alright...

happy holly daze, j$


I live only about 50 miles or so from the epicenter. I felt the quake in two parts. First, was a quick back-and-forth shaking I felt while outside on my patio. I thought it was tapering off when I went back into the house to tell the kids about it. Then the second "wave" hit. It was a slow up-and-down rolling action that lasted about 20-30 seconds. We huddled together on the living room floor to protect ourselves from falling objects. Thank goodness nothing broke. However, we lost electricity for 12 hours. Thank goodness for tiki torches! :)

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