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Touching-Up Cold Paint... Help.

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Hey all,
I found a black Sneaky Tiky from Harvey's over the weekend and some of the paint is coming off. I thought that since it's not that special of a mug I'd take a shot at trying a little "restoration". does anyone have any tips... ?


I would really appreciate some expert advice on this as well. I have several mugs that need a touch up job. However, I would rather not do "anything" to them unless I know can do a true professional looking restoration.

What kind of paint works best? Does the piece need to be refired in order to accomplish a professional look? I've done some experimenting in the past with acrylic paint. I could get the color to match exactly but the gloss level was always off. And, what material do you use to "fill" the paint chipped areas so that all surfaces are level before applying the cold paint?

Maybe some of the true pros wouldn't mind revealing some secrets? Holden? Stuckie? Anyone?


ModMana :drink:

I've used acrylic paint with a gloss medium, not bad, but it could be better.


Although I have never tried it, I would go for a 'model' paint, that stuf that comes in little tiny bottles that hobbyists use.

Acrylic is not a good choice, it will peel right off your mug, as it is water based. Even though it dries to a plastic like finish, if you get that mug wet the paint will come off.

Go for an oil based paint. Of course, do I even need to say it, don't use it on the inside or anywhere where your lips will touch. Also, don't pee into the wind or put your tongue on a flagpole in february.

...and don't leave your crayons in the sun.

I agree with tikifish, you need to use some kind of enamel paint such as car model paint. It comes in hundreds of colors and in small quanities. Fortunately my modest mug collection is in good shape so I havn't tried it for myself.

If you go to an Arts and Crafts store that specializes in selling ugly crap you can find paint for ceramics like tile and porcelain. Sometimes you need a bonding agent they'll sell as well that roughs up the surface so the paint sticks. I used this stuff to make the generic white tile backsplash in my kitchen into a checkerboard pattern. They also sell a clear gloss that you can apply on top of the paint. Around here there are chains like Max and Michael's but I don't know if those are National chains. Hope this helps.

SES posted on Sat, Dec 27, 2003 1:29 PM

Hmmm... I had purchased a pair of tiki bobs and one has a serious flake problem. I call him "flaky bob". Was leaving him alone for the moment BUT I'm really tempted to strip him down and give him a wild makeover since once you start to repair something it affects the value anyway might as well have fun with it.
Who knows I might like him even better if I do it.

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