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Petty Booka-Dinner tonight at Original Joes

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Who wants to meet me for dinner tonight before the early show? Original Joes , is in that general area. Call me at work before 5:30 at 415-241-8150 or email me at . ---bruce

Have a nice Tiki Day!

[ Edited by: mrsmiley on 2003-12-23 15:44 ]

oh wait, I think with security at the airport on orange alert, I wouldnt make it until too late. DRAT!
Have fun!


The Lavas are meeting me at Original Joe's at 144 Taylor between Geary and Market St at 6:45 for cocktails and dinner. Feel free to join us!!! Call me at wok 415-241-8150 before 5:30 or show up at 6:30 or so.
Original Joes is a few blocks away from Biscuit and Blues. Not too far.


The lava's are a pleasure to spend time with! Hope to be able to visit them in Fresno some day.

Mr. Smiley the pleasure was and is all ours. Thank you for a fabulous vacation and meal!

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