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Tiki in old Rockford files episode

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I just happened across an old Rockford Files episode that featured the climax of the episode located at a tiki apartment building. The outdoor walls facing the pool featured tikis. There was even a shoot out in front of the 'A-framed' enterence to the complex.

The one feature that may give you more of a clue to which apartment building it was is that the pool was kinda like two triangles facing each other. The episode looked like it was shot in the early seventies. It didn't look like any of the apartment buildings from the Whittier area either. I'm thinking something closer to Burbank or Hollywood. Sven, or anyone else, what do you think?

Very interesting...the triangle pools do not ring a bell, though. There were many more Tiki apartment buildings in LA that dissappeared before I started documenting them in the early 90s, sniff.
What was the name of the episode?

Spike, since we are local to each other (and remembering that The Rockford Files aires on WGN), I looked up todays, already aired, episode. It showed the following on my cable info:

Episode: "The Farnsworth Stratagem"
Description: Rockford helps Becker and a writer (Linda Evans), defrauded after purchasing condominium shares.

I then looked up the episode history of The Rockford Files on the internet (god, I love the internet) under the episode name and it showed the following:

The Farnsworth Stratagem
Episode 25, Season 2
First aired September 19, 1975
Writer: Juanita Bartlett
Director: Lawrence Doheny
Guest Stars: Linda Evans, Gerald McRaney

Hope this is the right episode that you were speaking of Spike.

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