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I made this for my Aunt!

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I carved the "aloha" on the bottom as well as a repeating tapa flowed design . Spreading tiki to the family with this one. A thatched roof with lighting to be installed after christmas.

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I always thought Godiva chocolates was a good "aunt" gift. Now I realize I've been deceiving myself all of these years.

Very nice. I even like the Tiki-style font you used to point out the features.

I asked Santa about getting a ChikiTiki punch bowl and he chuckled and mumbled "Get in line, east coast boy."


Hey Chiki, Did I ever tell you I'm your long-lost uncle??? Let me know if you need my address to ship me the usual bar gift you give to aunts & uncles. Merry Christmas to my favorite neice or nephew.


Very nice bar. I'm sure your Auntie is proud.

That's a lucky aunt, Chiki. Beautiful craftsmanship..


Jesus Christ that looks familiar!

Ok?.......I guess it's time for a PM?


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? egg nogg ?


Waaaaaay too much!

wah i liked the X-Ray Spex lyrics!!!


Lucky, Lucky Auntie!

GECKO posted on Sat, Dec 27, 2003 2:58 AM

Nice wun! Love da bottom!

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