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Long time ago...

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...there were wise men who followed the stars, read the skies and made an incredible journey that some say was next to impossible. They were looking for freedom. They were looking for a new world.

They faced many dangers. The journey was subject to conditions they had most likely not anticipated. They perservered however, and finally brought their important and sacred gifts to...


May you find much peace and a world of new beginnings this season.

I'm thankful for the fine people I've met already through this site. I hope to meet many more of you this year.

Mele Kalikimaka!

Yes - we are the fortunate ones. Joelle and I count ourselves among the blessed, and all the more so for the good times we've had, and good people that we've met thru TC.

Merry Christmas Pablus, and all the best to yourself and your beautiful wife!

Mele Kalikimaka, braddah.

Christmas dinner this eve: Pindi Chana, Mattar Paneer, Pulau, Samosas, and Naan! Velly Melly Clistmas..

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