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Cool Vintage Tiki Torch Fuel Can.......Neat Litho Art

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Merry Christmas to all. Since it is now officially winter according to the calendar and the temps outside have confirmed it, my mind has been drifting to the fine warmer months when tiki torches aplenty light up the backyards of the faithful.

I've been wondering if anyone else has run across one of these old fuel cans. Got this at a garage sale along with a set of 2 old torches still in the box for just a dollar.

The can has great art and lettering but I really dig the side panel which shows a tiki barbecue grill!!!!!!! Did they really make those??? If so I bet someone out there has one. The can has the company name of Tiki Torch Co. Torrance,CA (A division of John Charles Co.) I believe it to be from the 1960's. Here's photos of the front, back and side.

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hey 8FT T, that is a keeper! definitely worth displaying proudly!



Yes, the tiki grill on the side of the can was made. I've seen a number of them go up for bid on ebay in the past, but not recently. They usually fetch a steep price when you do see them on ebay!

Mr. Smiley has one like that or similar. But did anyone doubt that??? :)

The fuel comes from the Encore Products/Torrance Tiki Torch Company. I find these torches from time to time around here. Here is the torch that the fuel would be used with in it's original box. The second pic is of the detailed catalog that was inside..Cool find!

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SES posted on Fri, Dec 26, 2003 4:57 PM

BK... ever consider opening a museum?

Aloha 8FT Tiki,

On page 232 in Sven Kristen's The Book of Tiki you can find an old ad for the J. Charles Tiki Torch and the Tiki-Bachi.

On 2003-12-26 16:57, SES wrote:
BK... ever consider opening a museum?

I gave that torch to friend in Athens.

I picked up a similar item earlier this year at an antique store in Pomona. Mine's marked Park Ranger Sales - North Hollywood, Calif. It has a bear in a grass skirt on the side and very cool tiki masks on the front and back. The tag from the dealer said it was from the 60's and the can itself was manufactured by National Can.

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