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Tiki Island Adventure Golf, Orlando, FL (other)

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Name:Tiki Island Adventure Golf
Street:7460 International Dr
Phone:407 248 8180

Others have detailed their experienceshereand here, but I thought I would contribute mine and pictures.

We (me, my wife, my 4 yr old son) went in early December this year. It was a lot of fun - next to no one else on the course. As mentioned before, the little clubhouse has a small selection of generic Tiki paraphenalia. The course itself is pretty basic. If you are mini-golf fan, you will recognize it as the generic concrete mountain covered in astroturf and thus the holes themselves are rather dull and the Tikis are not integrated into the play. The two courses are laid out around a large volcano which erupts every 15 minutes or so - and radiates a lot of heat.

Each hole has a Tiki benignly (or not) watching over you. All are carved from palm tree and a pretty well done with each one being distinct. (David Farmer is the artist, if you are curious.) Some samples :

The best hole of all is a small tunnel with an illuminated moai imprisoned in one of the walls. When it lights up, it is really cool.

The 19th hole not only offers the usual reward of a free game, but cause the whole volcano to erupt. My 4 yr old did it!

This place is a lot of fun and a better way to spend an Orlando evening than yet-another-mega-chain hellhole. Two raised Mai-Tai's from us.


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