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I love the artwork created by "shag"..is that a company, or a person? On several other websites, the artwork has other people's names.

Is there a place in southern california, where I can buy prints of these, besides the internet? A gallery? Art store?

shag is a radical art movement whose works are created under conditions of absolute secrecy...


Hi tiki mick. Shag is a person. Here is the link to his bio:


You should be able to find out where to get prints by clicking around his site:



[ Edited by: Sam Gambino on 2003-12-29 13:52 ]


Ahh! After more research, I discovered Shag is a contraction of the artist's name..so I answered my own question, partially...But are there any stores in SoCal that you can see and buy these things at?

Man, I LOVE all things Tiki!!
PS, still looking to form an exotica band..still looking for fellow kooks like myself!

Have recently written some cool songs, with marimba, bird calls, ect..you know the drill!

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