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At the intersection of Highway 99 and 198...

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...in Visalia, CA, you'll find a sign for the 198 turnoff that reads:


Next Exit

That's all.


Okay, Hanford, spit it out! What's the story?

Wow I didn't know the sign was still there! It must look pretty beaten up by now!

It's a long story but I'll shorten it:

Me and a few friends of mine had planned a trip down south from Merced, where I lived at the time, but the week before, uncontrolable circumstances forced me to plan a seperate trip the weekend before as well, minus my friends.

Since I'd be driving down two weekends in a row I thought I'd play a little joke. But what started as a little joke turned into an obsession, and for the entire week before my first trip, I constructed a fake but real-looking road sign, featuring my name. On the drive down I stopped right about where I thought was the middle of nowhere and I spiked the sign firmly in the ground at that turn off.

I was worried it wasn't going to last a week, thinking for sure someone was going to take it down. But a week later when my friends and I made the trip they were startled, as was I (wink wink) when after a quick pitstop we noticed a sign bearing my name. It was so out in the middle of nowhere it had to have been real... how could I have planned it? (wink again!)

I guess it really is out in the middle of nowhere since here were are quite a few years later and the sign is still up!

Now you're all in on the joke... and until that sign is taken down, let's raise a maitai to all those happless lost tourists who think that Hanford Lemoore is a real exit off of 198!


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-08-06 18:32 ]

Oh, okay. That clears it up! :wink:


Wow! That exact same thing happened to my friend Chester Orland, up around Chico.

hanford wrote:



Here's the thing, though: Hanford and Lemoore are real towns west of Visalia on highway 198. There are two signs that read:


and one of them is elevated above the roadway, so unless you're a structural engineer, I don't think you put that one up.

So, am I misunderstanding your story, or are you having a good laugh right now? :)


PS- If Hanford is not your real name, and you got it from the sign, well, there's nothing wrong with that. It's in fact quite a dignified sounding name, and certainly nowhere near as ludicrous as, say, Otto Von Stroheim. I was just excited at the prospect of potentially uncovering its origin. Do tell, my good man.

On 2002-08-07 15:59, martiki6 wrote:
Hanford and Lemoore are real towns west of Visalia on highway 198.

What???!!?!! They ARE??!!?!!?!

Something tells me we're not going to get a straight answer, here... :wink:

Patrick McNeal

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I think Hanford is, in the words of our UK colleages, "taking the piss"


The human head weighs 10 lbs.

You had me at "Hello"...

You complete me....

samoa posted on Thu, Aug 8, 2002 6:29 PM

On 2002-08-07 20:17, thechikitiki wrote:
The human head weighs 10 lbs.

dogs brains are the size of a lemon, and i think ours is the size of a pineapple. ..Oh, i'm sorry... were we talking about something else?

[ Edited by: samoa on 2002-08-08 18:31 ]


mmmmmmm, pineapple.....


if you ever have a significant other the two of you can refer to yourselves as...

"hanford & hon"

There are various stories about how my moniker came to be ... some claim it's my birth name while others believe it to be a sham… while still others insist I’m not a real person at all but rather the alter-ego of a famous, reclusive Tiki collecting philanthropist who faked his own death long ago to escape the stresses of capitalistic life. The truth however is a not something to be revealed here on the web, but face-to-face, over a Mai Tai. So if you run into me in person do ask and I’ll share….


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-08-09 03:45 ]


Unfortunately Hanford, you haven't been going out of late! You are missed. :)

And the last time I was out with you for a Mai Tai (TC Crawl SF '02), it was about 17 Mai Tai's too late to have coherent conversation- you told me you loved me in the back of the cab and then passed out on the sidewalk in front of Trad'r Sams. :)



"Merced" what a town. I also spent many a year in that town. So its way cool to meet/converse with people from the same little Highway 99 town.

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