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Mig - aka Gorilla X on Maury Povich!!!

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I was channel surfing while visiting family in Toronto just past Christmas, when I noticed MIG (Gorilla X) on the Maurey Povich show talking about his relationship with the love of his life, A 72+ YEAR OLD BURLESQUE DANCER.

Kind of sereal. Could someone please tell me this was a joke or wake me up from this!

If it is true love, then just disregard this post. She definitely was the hottest 72 year old I've ever seen. Athough, I can't recall the last time I looked at a 72+ year old that I wasn't just trying to help into a room or across a busy street.

Good Luck and the best MIG!

Sorry about the poor spelling of sureal and the sloppy grammer!

Was this maybe a rerun and if so are you still together Mig?

Inquiring NO MINDS want to know!

there are many posts about this, like this one:


Use the search function here for more.


Pages: 1 3 replies