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I just uploaded a website paying homage to the gone but not forgotten tiki hotel and bar in Hawaii The Waikian Hotel & Tahitian Lanai from Hawaii.
Have fun



Looks good! Nice that you have actual snapshots in addition to the postcard imagery.

When we were in Hawaii we were peering over the fence trying to see what was left. We took a couple of photos; I'll see if I can find them. We also have a couple of things from the Tahitian Lanai. I can forward you images of those when I have the chance...if you want to add any more stuff to the site.

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GECKO posted on Fri, Jan 2, 2004 2:25 PM

great job Gregg. Being a collector of items from the old Tahitian Lanai it would be great if anyone else with other stuff from the TL could post it if they have time. Just so I can see what else that great place has floating around.


Thanks a bunch, naugatiki. It's a great site, especially for me since I spend a lot of time nosing around old ruins myself.



It would be nice to virtually reconstruct that bar and hotel right down to the Kane and Wahine signs on the toilets. this page is a work in progress and I would be glad to post any photos, stories associated with it. Thanks guys.


Great start! Keep up the good work.


Swanky posted on Fri, Jan 2, 2004 6:53 PM

Somewhere we have an image of a letter written to a local East TN woman from Pasty Cline on Waikikian stationery...

Great project!
-I waded into the fenced off property from the lagoon after it had closed, but there was a guard, so I could not dig too deep. And when the auction happened, I was long mainland locked...but at least I got to stay there two years before and see the old timers play at the bar.

I wonder where a.) the great modernist carved Tiki panels behind the Tahitian Lanai Bar are now, and b.) this painting I saw in one room, of a romantic beach with an outrigger and a Wahine, but the "native hut" was actually the trademark hyperbolic parabloid lobby A-frame of the Waikikian...soooo coool! I had to use all my ethical reasoning to not break into that room! Where is that masterpiece now?

I now own (purchased post-auction!) a Marquesan Tiki barstool, a nightstand handle carved with the lobby A-frame, and a set of those Tiki cut outs. They used to be set asymetrically in the panels of the hotel rooms' Shoji doors, and when closed at night, the flickering Tiki torches in the garden would make a ghostly shadow play out of them. Laying on the bed, listening to Arthur Lyman (on the CD player), watching the Tiki masks dance in the torchlight, it was heaven.

There are some very nice postcards of the A-frame lobby, you need those on your site. Barney Davis had his Leeteg Gallery in there at one point.

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