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Finally! The Tikifish Tiki Hallway Has Begun!

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My hallway 3 days ago...

My hallway today!

[ Edited by: tikifish on 2004-01-02 16:00 ]

Very impressive! Is that a Leeteg on the wall that you can't really see that well?


Yeah, that's a print of Hina Rapa by Leeteg... the one in the middle is a Monkeyman frame with a Tikifish big eyed hula girl painting, and the big one framed in bamboo is a mystery - mom picked it up at the Sally Ann for 10 bucks.

GECKO posted on Fri, Jan 2, 2004 4:17 PM

sweeeet! nice Hina Rapa. One of my favz!

Looks great! I'm definitely going to have to get one of those monkeyman frames.


Did you paint the walls a darker color? Looks dark and chocolaty! I really like your shelf unit too! Looks great!


Yes, thats a very chocolatey brown!

The shelf unit was actually something I had in storage at my mom's... I had been racking my brains looking for tiki shelves, and it turns out I owned some all along...


Aaaah, very nice. I especially like the lighting. It must feel nice to finally let the mugs breathe a bit!

I'm diggin' it. I really like your little cabinet/sidetable thingy.

Looks Great Tikifish!

I've got my mugs on the same sort of shelf for now. Must be a Canadian thing. Hardy Har Har!

You've definitely got me beat in quantity. All my mugs and Coco Joes figures only take up one level. Where are you finding all of yr stuff in T.O.?


Hey tikifish, just yesterday I was searching through old posts looking for inspirational mug displays and read up on your computer room / hallway shelving dilemma. I was wondering how it worked out for you and now I know. It looks great! Love the chocolate walls. Is the picture with the bamboo frame a paint by number?

Velly, velly niiiice.


wow, that looks great! i also was reading along with the original dilemma of shelving for i was (and still am) having that problem since we just bought our first home. where did you get the shelving unit? im so jealous!





The shelf I got at IKEA about 10 years ago or more... but I think they still have something similar. It looks totally crapula for books and the corners are flaking off (hence why I had relegated it to storage) but I got desperate for shelves, decided to try it out, and it works quite nicely. And you don't really notice the flaws in the dark mysterious mood lighting of the cowboy lamp.

The painting is not a paint by number. I would love to know more about it but there are no markings. I might rip the paper off the back of the frame to find out if there's anything back there... it's not 'fine art' in the snobby sense of the word, it looks more like a prop done by a skilled illustrator, either for a movie set or a restaurant... it is not signed and is done with gouache or acrylic or another quick drying sort of paint.

I love my little square corner box too, and the cowboy lamp, but my husband hates it. What's not to love? I don't understand.


Slacks: My mugs I get from many sources: Ebay rarely (and it has to be under 10 bucks), my mom picks them up for me (she's an antique dealer - this is what's known as UNFAIR ADVANTAGE), and also I scour fleas and thrifts myself. I have only found 3 in Toronto total I think (2 leilanis and a coconut) the rest I have found in small towns in cottage country. Toronto SUCKS for tiki hunting. I don't even bother looking in the ceramic section of thrift stores here even when I am there, thats how bad it is.

I love the transformation of a hallway into a tiki mug museum. Superb lighting. Wonderful job.


The hall looks great! Mahalo.


The brown took guts and looks great! Love the bronc buster light too! Someday when our contractor gets out of prison (or wherever the hell he disappeared to) and finishes the job he started, I too will display a mug or two.



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