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THE TIKIS paintgun park

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Hey Chiki Tiki-
HOW does the place look nowadays? I am considering it for a location for a spec commercial that needs exotic surroundings. Is there still lots of tropical foliage? Are all the rocks paintsplattered? And do you have a contact for them?

In your documentary there's a mention that the creator of The Tikis still lives on the property in a trailer. Is that still the case? The documentary mentioned that he never opened that park but I thought I read in the BOT that he had one in San Gabriel that did fairly well. Whatever became of that one?

Danny lives in Vegas now (last I heard), making Indian jewelry and belts.
I was unhappy about the fact that, obviously for simplification purposes, they wrote the voice over in such a way that "The Tikis" in Lake Elsinore appeared to be the only one, neglecting to explain that the real "Tikis" had been happening in Monterey Park, big time.
THAT'S the one that was Danny's claim to fame. When his family break up and neighbour troubles shut it down, he rebuild it in Lake Elsinore but it never opened.
The postcards and brochure in the book are from the first, my photos from the second location.

Big Bro, the place is in sad condition. There isn't much foliage and there is alot of paint splattering. I think there is a phone number sign off of the freeway. I did't see a listing in the yellow pages. I think I have some pictures around, let me know.

ok repat after me tikis and paitballs don't mix

okay... so the 2nd location is the paintball court... BUT what has become of the original property - is it a parking lot or???

I wrote out detailed directions to it under the Locating Tiki Forum.

Whoops - went to link to it and realized that the thread had been moved to the Main Discussion - here's the link - - goto bottom of the page for directions

This thread leads me to some questions I have about The Tikis. I know the places are closed/never opened, but can you go there and see the tikis that remain? Is it like a vacant lot where I could look around? Does Danny still own the land/tiki carvings? Since Im from the east coast I have no idea what the current state of affairs is, and the photos in the BOT have me very intrigued.

On 2003-11-26 04:20, Futura Girl wrote:
okay... so the 2nd location is the paintball court... BUT what has become of the original property - is it a parking lot or???

From what I understand, the original location is now Public Storage. The second location is a paintball park and has been totally de-tikied.


I remember playing a festival show there in the early ninetys. A lot of punks and volcanoes; weird combo.

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