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Bamboo flooring- the hardwood alternative

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I received this link in an email today. Looks kind of neat.


I've seen this.. we're moving into a fix-er-upper with a landlord that's willing to fork out the dough for the reno's .. I've been debating as to whether I'd be able to convince him to go for this.. hee hee..

Being in the renovation biz I have had the pleasure of installing some bamboo flooring. It looks great. I like the satin finish more than the gloss because the grain shows up more. I would recommend shopping around a little because there seems to be some around that is of inferior quality but you can find good stuff for a reasonable price. Just tell the landlord that it lasts forever and costs less than hardwood and he'll go for it.

well I went in yesterday to paint and somewhat prep for moving today, and we ripped up the foulest carpets I've ever seen and there appears to be hardwood floors underneath, so I think we'll just stick with that.. it's gonna take a lot of sanding to refinish them though.. blah...

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