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Mai-Kai New Year's Pics Online!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I put together a sort of photo collage of pics from our New Year's evening at the Mai-Kai. I'm open to suggestions on image editing software, since I'm currently using antiquated software, and could probably do better with the right package. Thanks!

Pics are at:

BK; I took the liberty of heading the image with the Mai-Kai logo from your sign!


Nice shots!
Nice collage...college...koh-lahjue...

That would make a great poster.

Hey, BTW - you're a punk. Stupid next-to-the-mai-kai-livin-punk.

See you soon. :wink:

Hawaiian Inn?
Jan 17th?
2 hours away?

Thanks - it was yet another great evening, and we had a good seat thanks to Kern so I could get some nice pics.

Yeah it's tough living so close to the Mai-Kai as you know :)

If my company doesn't send me to Delaware or some other tikiless wilderness, I'll do whatever I can to make it up on the 17th. I'd love to get together again!

Lucky dog... :)

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