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Sven video question!! Please.

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Finally watched and began to absorb the video, and loved every minute. But here's what I am going crazy to know. i know someone else asked about the music (Princess Pupule song I think). Well, a few minutes into "Air-conditioned Eden," when shirts are being discussed, there's a song being played with the Hilo Hattie's footage (I think it was Hattie's). It's a tune that's been in SpongeBob Squarepants many times. Very upbeat, with steel guitar. Name that tune!

I try to have music from Spongebob for me..i mean my daughter, ok me. A lot of it is George Kulokahai, but what I just heard in the video I have yet to find. Please help.



Sorry, I had nothing to do with the soundtrack selecting (or there would have been more Exotica tunes), don't know that one.

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