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looks great Hanford

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hey Hanford-
the setup looks good. Thanks for making the effort. You rock.
Hope this works out!

Me too. Beatle66 set up a board too... it's cool he did that, taking the frustration into his own hands, but I don't want the community to become fractured.

I'm voting for using this new board, but I'm not quite sure what to do about Beatle66's... I mean, I don't want this to be a compitition or anything, but I also would like to continue to run Tiki Central.

Thanks for coming over.


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-03-24 18:09 ]


aloha! or should that be eureka? ~ found the New n Improved (read: non yahoo) Tiki Central! and i even registered! yet another password to forget.. thanks for finding an alternative to the frustration of Groups..

Hanford: do you know if you can recover the old messages and transfer them here?


Well, I think I can, assuming Yahoo ever returns them. it's going to require some programming....

It's a tough task. But I'm going to try!



The site looks great! I think Tiki Central members will find no problems migrating to this board. I vote to keep hanford as chairman of the board.

~ tikigreg

I am still a bit confused.
Geeze, I leave for a week and everything changes...
Wait a minute! Are you guys trying to ditch me?!

Hey Stingray,

I'm working hard on a document to help orient new users to the forum. If you want email me at with any probems you're having and I'll see what I can do to help

PS there's a brief overview of two new features of the board that I added to the welcome message. it's located here:



Hanford, thanks for doing this!

Over on Yahoo I received all my Tiki Central postings via e-mail, so I could read them at the office and still look like I was working. Are there any plans to do that here and keep me out of trouble? 8)

Possibly, Cynthia. I'm looking into that (there are bound to be some big upgrades coming soon I think). Until then, here's a few things you can do:

  1. When you create a topic, select the "recieve email when people reply" option. You'll get email when people post to it.

  2. Switch your theme to "Old-School". it looks more business-like then the default theme. Perhaps I'll make a total-faker theme too with the title "How to be a better employee in your spare time". :wink:

You can change themes by clicking on "Edit your preferences".



Great stuff Hanford!! Cheers!

Having the two Tiki forums reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where the guy lays out his plans to climb the two Mount Kilamanjaros (however you spell them)!!

Trader Woody


Hiya Hanford,
My thanks to you for this effort. What I want is the old crowd in ONE place...if it's here, great!

One concern I have...too many "topics", people may start so many "threads" it will become a real mish-mash. Seen it happen before on similar set-ups.

Maybe just a few thread topics... one each for bars, collecting, music? That sort of thing,otherwise I fear seeing 35 topics, not knowing where to start!

My thoughts, discounted as appropriate!

Hey Midnite_tiki...

Yeah, I hear you about topics. What I like about topics is that it groups messages together, and makes it easy to skip over whole masses of messages regarding a topic you're not interested in.

The other good thing is that the newest/most-recently-updated topics sort to the top. So you don't have to skim through pages and pages of topics looking for the most recently updated ones.

If it gets too bad we'll open other forums. For now it seems fine!


can you delete topics?

for instance, the thread i started about paying for the bullentin board service could be deleted.

:drink: Tiki Chris :drink:

Mahalo dude. This is righteuos! Aloha.

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