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Hello to all Tiki fanatics...

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Just a quick note to say hello to all Tiki fans...I am new here but not new to the culture, having grown up during the 60's and 70's... What can be better than to be kicking back in a nice Tiki bar listening to music with an ice cold Deep Pacific in your hand? I am into retro bicycles too, that's why I ride Schwinn Sting-Ray Krates--remember those? No? Then go to:




Welcome to TC. The people here are very friendly. We too are in southern Cal (San Diego). Hope to meet you at one of the upcoming events.
The Ona Tiki's

Hell-O-Ha! (whatch out for Tiki Bong. He's an ankle-biter!!)

hey thegarz, that is one schweet Schwinn! I'm olde school...I used to ride a Schwinn with a 24" gooseneck and apehanger handlebars. I got the pic...if I ever figure out how to post it. Welcome to da hood.



Still have my childhood Apple Krate.....waiting for junior to get old enough and make it a two generation bike!

Cool link, thanks!

Welcome! Great bikes, too. Those bike pics make me wish I still had mine!


I too am new here, and have no connection to the original tiki culture, having been born in 1978. Love the bikes! I always wanted an old school Schwinn. I almost bought a lowrider bike once, bu those things are impossible to ride!

Do you ever sell your restored schwinns? I love to have one. With big ol apehangers on it!

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