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Please stay on topic...

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Folks, please keep your posts under the proper topic (If it ain't about tiki, Beyond Tiki, please...)


you mean i cant talk about porn on this board!!!!!!!! :Evil

Hey BK!!! You gonna come out to Tiki Oasis-4 and sell your shit!!??!!??

I think he should. What do all of you think??

Hmmmmmm... That was kinda "On Topic." I vote YES! How's that?

I'm tugged in in so many different directions...all the locals want stuff, Brad wants stuff for Hale Tiki, folks want stuff out your way in California, inquiries on TC, and the Mai Kai...That kind of attention is goo to have but I'm just one lone gunman with one set of chisels. I sort of carve what I want and like, and my backlog is never that big. I need an assistant-then I can make a business out of it for real. In the meantime it will continue to trickle out of here at a snail's pace.

SES posted on Sat, Jan 10, 2004 9:18 PM

[ Edited by: susane on 2004-01-20 08:56 ]

re: issue - more an organizational one? like "keep off-topic discussions in 'beyond tiki'" instead of "don't post anything off-topic?"

maybe it's as simple as reminding new posters to review TIKI CENTRAL HOUSE RULES, or maybe have "accepting" the TIKI CENTRAL HOUSE RULES be a step in the registration process?

just a random thought... i enjoy the light-hearted off topic discussions, as it seems the tangential interests of TC'ers are frighteningly similar to mine...

peace :tiki: j$

Elvis needs boats.

[ Edited by: Johnny Dollar on 2004-01-12 09:04 ]

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